Thursday 13 February 2014

Separated at birth V - Danny Alexander and Beaker

Muppet lab technician BeakerTreasury Chief Secretary Danny AlexanderI'm doubtless not the first person to spot a worrying similarity between Dr Bunsen Honeydew's lab tech sidekick Beaker (left, borrowing Dr Honeydew's glasses for disguise) and George Osborne's treasury sidekick Danny Alexander (right). Were they separated at birth? Perhaps more worryingly, have they ever been seen together? Or even in different places at the same time? No, I thought not.

I guess I could make a hackneyed, tired old joke here and say that those politicians in Whitehall, they're just a bunch of muppets, right? But come on, you expect better of me, surely?

For completists: Separated at birth I, II, III an IV.


  1. I love Beaker. So this just makes me very sad.

    1. But on the plus side, in a treasury context Alexander (and hence Beaker) is, by comparison, a positive good guy...