Friday 20 March 2009

Work of genius

No, I haven't written much this month - it's just been a busy time, and this blog has suffered as a result. Part of the problem is that my limited "web time" has been diluted recently by building a site for a friend and starting work on another new site for myself (more of which in a future post, perhaps).

Having said all that, I did just quickly want to write something to draw your attention to the fact that Genius starts on BBC2 tonight (10pm in England, though I understand there are regional variations on the time). This is the first TV translation of Dave Gorman's Radio 4 show and, if the radio version is anything to go by, it should be excellent. The premise is this: members of the public pitch ideas that they believe are worthy of being called "genius" (geddit?) and Dave and his studio guest (Catherine Tate in tonight's opening episode) judge them by their merits, discuss their flaws, and so on. Since most of the ideas are actually fairly silly, well, there is plenty of mileage for Dave and guest.

If you'll pardon the obvious pun, this show is likely to be, ahem, a work of genius (sorry!) and I implore you to watch it. Besides, Dave is a good guy, and funny to boot.

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