Thursday, 9 January 2014

Should I stay or should I go?

In the face of an ever-dwindling readership, I (like many others) have recently contemplated whether I should bother with blogging any more. Very few of you will read this. Fewer still will comment, share or otherwise interact. The harsh truth is that the blogging wave has long since crested, and I have come to the conclusion that if I carry on doing this then it will primarily be for my own benefit. I know, how very selfish.

That also means I should consider taking steps to make it easier on myself. No more hand-coding every page, every RSS entry, every sitemap. No more manually pinging blog indexes after every new post. No more writing my own commenting and blogroll solutions (however much I secretly enjoyed the techie challenge). Why not give myself a way to submit posts by email? Or remotely using a mobile app? Maybe, just maybe, I should succumb and move the whole shebang to one of the blogging big boys...

So that's what I've done. It's taken a lot of cutting and pasting, but the entirety of PipSpeak is now on Blogger, comments and all. I've taken the opportunity to have a big redesign too and a renaming - the new title comes from an old Gene song. The quote below the title comes from the best short story I read in 2013. And the whole thing can be found at: (RSS)

So what do you think? Should I soldier on with DIY-blogging at or get into bed with Google at Comment here, or there (or both), and tell me what you think?


  1. Having had a similar crisis of confidence last week before coming to the same conclusion I always do ("sod it, I'll keep doing it as long as I keep enjoying it"), I'm glad you stuck around.

    1. Cheers Rol, that means something from one of my few "Constant Readers". I was quite shaken when Chrome Waves called time just before Christmas, on the basis that it was wildly popular, with a big readership and held in universal high regard. If that can't struggle on, why am I bothering? But then, like you, I realised that I will struggle on all while I enjoy doing it. Do need to make it easier for myself though - time is precious, now more than ever (as I guess you're finding too) - hence the potential move to this spanking new abode...