Thursday, 27 May 2010

Weller? Check. Foxton? Check. Eton Rifles? Yes please...

This is my 200th post, and I was thinking I ought to try to write something special. Then fate dropped this in my lap and, in my opinion, it doesn't get much more special...

...because last night at the Royal Albert Hall, Paul Weller was joined on stage by Bruce Foxton for the first time since the former called time on The Jam in 1982. First off, they rattled through "Fast Car, Slow Traffic" from Weller's current (and excellent) album Wake Up The Nation. And then, they played "Eton Rifles". Maybe it was a birthday present to himself (Weller was 52 yesterday), who knows? Whatever, I'm betting a lot of fans went home extra happy last night. I wasn't there, sadly, but I feel strangely elated after peering at wobbly YouTube footage. Speaking of which, I bet you thought I'd never get there - it's not the greatest quality but who cares? Here it is.

P.S. I must give a nod to the excellent music blog The Songs That People Sing, without whom this monumental news would have passed me by.

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