Friday, 21 April 2017

Who's No. 1?

I once tried to get The Who a UK number one single. Actually, I tried twice... and failed twice. I won't be trying again - people just aren't interested. Because I'm retiring the website that hosted these campaigns, such as they were, this post is an archive, more for me than you, of what little did actually happen... Sadly, the one thing I was most proud of (getting the first campaign in The Guardian's Guide weekend supplement) was never online to link to, so you'll have to trust me that it really happened... similarly, a lot of the links that follow have themselves been retired. Lucky this post is just an aide memoire for me then, eh?

Press and media coverage of the 2010 campaign (US news digest) | The Who Nederland (Dutch blog)

Press and media coverage of the 2009 campaign

Uncut Magazine | Planet Rock | Rock Radio | Soft Rock Classics show (listen to an MP3 of the interview on this show) | Helpless Dancer blog | Futuro 88.9 (Chilean radio) | Classic 21 (Belgian radio) | (US news digest) | The Who Nederland (Dutch blog) | Absolute Radio music news | Jachiche's Absolute Radio blog | Who's Who (tribute band) blog post

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