Friday, 24 March 2017

Be cynical if you like...

... be cynical about television as charity, charity as television and "celebs" getting involved to promote their own careers. Be cynical about where the money goes, how it gets spent and who gets paid what. Be cynical about Comic Relief, Sport Relief, this relief, that relief, Children In Need and the short-lived, now defunct Thames Telethon1 of my youth. Be cynical about the button-pushing videos that get shown over and over again in the course of the evening ahead.


(and it's a bit but)

...don't let that stop you donating. The net effect is worthy enough to gloss over even the cynicism of a bitter old git like me who has had, basically, a pretty shitty day today, all told. Yes, I sort of despise myself for vaguely looking forward to the video trailered below... but I've still donated. Hope you do too.

1. The Thames Telethon was actually a thing, wasn't it, in the 80s? I haven't just imagined it, have I?

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  1. Although this was a highlight for me, if not the studio audience: