Thursday, 8 January 2015

Time travel

Ben Goldacre recently tweeted to the effect that everyone over 40 is the same age. And he's right. What's more, somewhere along the line, I drifted into that category - I got old. But before the passing of time, and all of its sickening crimes, starts making me sad again, let's indulge in a spot of time travel. Go back twenty years or so and this song was on the jukebox in The Jolly Sailor. Whenever I went there with The Man Of Cheese, which was often, we would put this on and, quite often, sing tipsily along with the daft lyrics.

I can't tell you much about The Presidents Of The United States Of America. I can tell you it's my first jam of 2015, a year in which I will attempt to be less parochial by jamming less Morrissey, Smiths, Pixies and Radiohead. I can also tell you I love this song, and that the last minute of the video is solid, well, if not gold then at least bronze. Enjoy.


  1. Fast forward twenty years and we're still trying to get in there to put on the same songs-albeit that the Sailor was shut on a quiet Sunday night in the 'Bury. Guess that makes us a little sad.....

    1. The only sad aspect is that the pub was shut by the time we rocked up!