Thursday, 14 November 2013

Bobby and Marty

Early last year, I made the assertion that Robert De Niro hasn't made a really good film since Cape Fear. I was thinking about this some more last night (whilst watching Cape Fear again - thanks ITV4). And you know what? I might have been a little harsh. I think you can make a case for his portrayal of the monster in 1994's Frankenstein (here's evidence of that, with added Bonham-Carter content) and he puts in a fine shift, albeit in a supporting role, in Sleepers, from 1996 (he makes a fine priest, don't you think?) Oh, and I probably need to watch Casino again before I pass definitive judgement on that.

But now... there's hope for a new entry in the canon. The Family is directed by Luc Besson, exec-produced by Martin Scorsese, and also stars the always-watchable Michelle Pfeiffer and Tommy Lee Jones in the sort of grizzled role he has made his own. The signs are good. I'm a little concerned, of course, that this looks like a comedy, at least in part, and De Niro's comedic touch is sometimes... well, let's move on. Much is being made of the fact that Scorsese is on-board, probably because of the assumption that, even if only as an executive producer, the combination of Bobby and Marty will once more weave its magic.

Here's the trailer, which is probably enough to secure my cinema-going pounds. What do you all think? Am I (for once) being hopelessly optimistic, or might it actually be good?

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