Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Turn your home town into a wilderness

My internal jury is still out on Arcade Fire - some days I think they sound too interesting for words, yet on others I tire very quickly of their rambly noodling.

Having said that, they, together with "some friends from Google" and film-maker Chris Milk are responsible for one of the coolest and most interesting mash-ups I think I've ever seen. Their interactive film The Wilderness Downtown, featuring We Used To Wait, is available to watch online - being a Google co-production you'll need Chrome to get the full effect. I'll warn you, you'll need a fastish PC and a decent Internet connection too. But the video - sorry, interactive film - is worth it. Using Google Maps' satellite imagery and StreetView pictures, your home town (which you have to specify at the outset - it isn't that clever) becomes the backdrop for the film. So simple in concept, yet staggeringly effective and, for this boy at least, genuinely entrancing. A real showcase for HTML5 too.

When the movie ends you get prompted to write a postcard message to your younger self, the self that resided in that home town. If you do, there's a chance your message may be used in future Arcade Fire stage backdrops or video material. Plus there's a chance that people may respond to your postcard message, so hang on to the "responses" link they give you at the end.

Go on, have a look. You don't have to register, or anything so annoying, and you get to see your home town starring in a music video. How cool is that?

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  1. The Man Of Cheese21 March 2012 at 12:28

    Clever indeed...but somehow slightly spooky!