Thursday, 3 June 2010

In the absence of a blogroll... Kilner-Jarred

One of the (many) perils of hosting your own blog, as I do, is that I don't have a handy little blogroll widget I can drop onto the site to tell the world which blogs I read. I had planned to use the one from but they closed down. Then I toyed with writing my own using Yahoo Pipes, and I can do it but it's slow and a bit clunky. The upshot of all this, then, is that I have no blogroll for you to peruse/ignore (delete as applicable).

However, you may recall from last month that an old friend of mine was working on his own blog, and had asked me for blogging tips and tricks. Well, he's now gone live with the blog and it's excellent. This has nothing to do with him following my (admittedly common sense) blogging do's and don't's but more to do with the fact that he is using it to showcase his creative writing, with a series of entertaining flash fiction posts. If you enjoy the written word, or have an interest in creative writing (come to think of it, you couldn't have the latter without the former), then you could do a lost worse than having a read of what "Mr Durden" has written. The blog is called Kilner-Jarred: here's the website, and here's the RSS feed.

Are you still here? Shouldn't you be reading Kilner-Jarred by now?

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  1. Thanks for the plug - much appreciated. I've added you to my blog-roll (alongside Charlie Brooker, so you're in good company!)