Tuesday, 22 June 2010

How about that World Cup?

I've tried to avoid writing about the World Cup because it's everywhere, isn't it - almost inescapable. And I'm certainly going to resist jumping on the "let's crucify England" media bandwagon, poor though Capello's men have been. Let's face it, regarding qualification, that's still in our own hands - beat Slovenia and we're through. And we are, as yet, unbeaten, which is more than Germany, Spain and France can say, right? Besides, to bang on about England at such length is really rather pointless - even if we beat Slovenia and get through to the last 16, we're not going much further, are we, because we're simply not good enough. The nation should stop trying to delude itself.

Damn. I've already written more about the World Cup than I'd intended. All I originally wanted to say was that poet and author John Osbourne is writing a poem every day of the tournament, and posting them on his World Cup Poems blog. They're excellent, and well worth a moment of your time. Go and read them.

You know it's only a matter of time before I start writing about Wimbledon, and the parlous state of British tennis...

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