Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Peter Alliss - true Master

Did you watch the Masters at the weekend? The breadth of quality golf was amazing and, much as I wanted Lee Westwood to be victorious, Phil Mickelson was a deserving winner, not only for his eagle-eagle-birdie run on Saturday but also for the way he played out of the pine trees at the 13th on Sunday, belting the ball over 200 yards from an unpleasant lie, between trees, and dinking it onto the green about eight feet from the pin. And all with a bit of swash and buckle too. Not for him the laboured practice swings of many - he just walked up to the ball and belted the cover off it.

The real highlight of the BBC's excellent coverage though was veteran commentator Peter Alliss who, in summarising the much-discussed return of Tiger Woods, offered the following: "He's been up and down, in and out - as usual." Perfect.

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