Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Browser wars II - this time it's more... well, browsery

I did this once before and it proved mildly interesting so, if you can control yourselves, I'll do it again. These are the browsers that have brought the last 500 visitors to New Amusements.

Browser stats. Control yourselves, ladies...

So what's changed in the last nine months? Well, lots, actually, but let's keep this to browser usage. Internet Explorer is the big loser here, down 13% since May 2009. This translates neatly into small, and roughly equal, gains for Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Expected more of Opera though. Anyway, other points of interest from these figures are firstly the increasing diversity of browsing platforms that arrive at this site, and the growing use of mobile browsing devices. Interesting, though hardly unpredictable trends.

Also, though you can't tell it from this graph, nearly a third of the IE users that have been to this site recently are still using IE6 (it's nine years old people - what are you doing?). Given yesterday's news, isn't it time to move on?

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