Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Nought to nine

So, the Noughties have come to an end... thank goodness (and not least because "Noughties" is a rubbish soubriquet). I'm not going to write a review of the decade that has just passed - many others have done that, with a particularly interesting and highly recommended take on the last ten years being given at the always-excellent Crying All The Way To The Chip Shop.

But no, none of that here. Instead, I will try to give you my life in numbers, celebrating nought to nine in honour of the now-deceased Noughties. Yes, it's a lazy way of writing a post. Yes, some might even call it a meme. I just think of it as a way of telling you ten odd and maybe unusual things about myself you probably don't know. Here goes.

  1. The number of criminal convictions I have. Phew.
  2. How many houses I have bought. Hopefully this won't change for a good long while.
  3. The number of Swedish au-pairs I have dallied with. No, really.
  4. European countries passed through without stopping to visit properly (Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein).
  5. The number of bones in my right arm that I've broken (three different events).
  6. The number of cars I have owned. All good in different ways, one truly epic. Three of them are still on the road, somewhere...
  7. Years since being made redundant by a faceless, soulless, heartless global corporation. What, me? Bitter?
  8. How many years of part-time study it took to do my Masters. A slog, but a worthwhile slog.
  9. Number of people I became friends with in my first year at uni (20 years ago) that are now on my Facebook friends list.
  10. The number of jobs I have had in my time, i.e. proper jobs with wage slips. I didn't count my old paper-round though...

Who knows, if I'm still blogging in 2020, maybe I'll do ten to nineteen...